Dentist Chicago NuCalm Patients

What is an Ideal Dental Patient?
Ideal patients show up for appointments, are happy to be in your chair, don’t move or challenge the procedure, heal nicely, and brag about how great you are. Ideal patients make you a better dentist and make you a better business owner. How many ideal patients do you have? NuCalm can make every patient an ideal patient, every time.


The NuCalm Patient
NuCalm is revolutionizing the patient experience by naturally relaxing the body within minutes − providing a unique and comfortable dental experience for every patient. NuCalm is a natural, drug-free, side-effect free, and cost-effective means to creating the ideal patient. By mimicking the natural process of readying the body for sleep, NuCalm provides the same deep relaxation every person feels moments before they fall asleep.



The NuCalm Patient = The Ideal Patient
During a dental appointment, the NuCalm patient:

  • Is relaxed - patient exhibits deep breathing and muscle relaxation
  • Is unaware of time and space - distracted from dental procedure
  • Is physically incapable of having an anxious response
  • Is conscious - can respond to voice commands
  • Is not compromised - NuCalm is a drug-free, neurobiomimetic relaxation technology



NuCalm’s patent-pending solution has been administered on over 100,000 dental patients across the United States, without a single reported adverse experience:

  • 95% would use NuCalm again
  • 98% would recommend NuCalm to family and friends