Dentist Chicago Benefits of NuCalm

You will benefit from your NuCalm appointment by receiving a spa-like treatment for your mind and body, but you will also benefit from better dentistry because your dentist can now concentrate exclusively on doing dentistry.



The benefits of using NuCalm include:


  • You will be in a state of deep relaxation for the entire procedure
  • Your body will be more receptive to treatment (natural resistance mechanisms are dulled)
  • Your motor responses will be dulled – minimizing risk to you and your dentist or hygienist during the procedure
  • You will be conscious and able to respond to voice commands during the procedure
  • Your post-treatment experience will be a feeling of rejuvenation and relief (NuCalm helps your brain achieve cellular homeostasis which provides a neuromuscular release of bodily tension)
  • Is less intrusive than sedation techniques – does not chemically compromise your central nervous system or cognitively impair your mind
  • You can come and go on your own (there are no side effects, no recovery time or supervision required, and no impairments)
  • Promotes better dentistry because you are relaxed and still (reduced startle responses, salivary flow, and gag reflexes)